Ways to Measure your Social Media Results

Ways to Measure your Social Media ResultsIf your #1 reason for Social Media is the bottom line, then how do you measure your efforts into results? In a recent article on SocialMediaExaminer.com post writer Phil Mershon discusses in detail “6 ways to measure your social media results.” The following is a quick run down of the article.

“6 ways to measure your social media results.” by Phil Mershon

Strategic Goals

You have to know first what you want to accomplish. I would suggest if you do not have a strategic goal for your social media then use the SMART method. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Be sure to be as specific and with much detail as possible.

#1 Brand Health

What are the preceptions of your brand by your consumers? Remember, perception is reality. Even though, you may disagree with what your consumers are saying, what they perceive of your brand in their mind is true.

#2 Marketing Optimization

“What” your customers are saying will give you a better understanding of how to market your product. The article mentions using Google Analytic’s to determine stats for your site and keywords.

#3 Revenue Generation

As part of your improvement process in your business, setting up a process to monitor your social media efforts are important. The key aspect is conversions. Is your social media efforts converting into sales, leads, customer loyalty, etc. ?

#4 Operational Saving

Your two main goals in business is to increase revenue and minimize cost. With operational saving, a good and effective social media campaign can minimize your marketing budget because social media can target very specifics customers within your industry. Also, one smart practice if to forge a good relationship with your top fans. They are your brands advocates. Be creative in how you take care of them.

#5 Customer Experience

Having a social media campaign allows you to listen to your customers immediate feedback. Once you have a process to monitor your social media progress, you will immediately find opportunities to solve your customers issues.

#6 Innovation

Also, having a solid social media presence can allow you to innovate in any area of your business.

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